I’m not exactly known for my ability to be stealth. I have clinical training, which means that I learned about boundaries – in clinical practice. For me, those do not translate to the “real world”. This is the first of many ways that my husband and I are nothing alike – his background, and his subsequent careers, have taught him to share very little with random people.

At the same time, I don’t do much spontaneously – I usually think…and think…and think about something before jumping into it. The only exception to this was getting engaged – I had no second thought about it – but this is more a testament to my husband’s coolness than my ability to commit fearlessly!

So I figured blogging would be fun, and I might get to help people who are thinking about adoption, or joining the FBI and considering how it might affect their family, or getting a Giant Schnauzer. But I have to say – when I looked at the blog stats and saw that three people had checked this blog already, I got freaked out! Three people! And isn’t the point supposed to be that people actually read this?!?

At any rate, I’ve promised DB – husband – that I will provide as limited detail as possible about where we are and I might have to start passwording things. This isn’t so relevant now because no one has any idea that this blog exists, but if I start getting more traffic, it will be. This is my reality #1 about having a spouse who is with the Bureau. Slightly less freedom to share random information with complete strangers!