So I have decided to join the blogging world, since I am a total blog stalker and have opinions about everything! I don’t really know what this blog will be about – my husband and I are planning on adopting (hopefully many) kids from (somewhere), so my main stalking target is usually adoption blogs – but for lots of reasons, we’re postponing that pursuit until this summer, so I have some time to kill pondering other things, too. I’m obsessed with expanding our family (however that happens), our dog (who is the closet thing we have to a child!), debating and second-guessing my career, and politics. My husband works for the FBI, which always seems to fascinate people, and googling “marrying an FBI agent” comes up with TERRIBLE results. No, he is not Jack Bauer, but I do think he’s pretty awesome. Yes, it is difficult at times. So maybe in the next 6 months when we’re postponing adoption, I’ll talk about that.

It took me a few days to come up with a decent blog title, as most of the ones I could think of were taken! My original blog title was “the buoyancy of hope”, from an MLK quote that I love, but my husband lovingly informed me that I sounded like an Obama wannabe.  So…in an effort to blaze a new path…I chose someone else’s words (Mark Twain).  However, since I love the MLK quote, I’ll include it here, anyway:

“So I say to you, seek God, and discover him and make him a power in your life. Without him, all of our efforts turn to ashes and our sunrises into darkest nights. Without him, life is a meaningless drama with the decisive scenes missing. But with him, we are able to rise from the fatigue of dispair to the buoyancy of hope. With him, we are able to rise from midnight of desperation to the daybreak of joy. St. Augustine was right – we were made for God and we will be restless until we find rest in him.”

In peace,