Yup, going to be an entire blog post on cleaning products (no, I’m not running out of material. This is an easy quick thing to write about for my throngs of fans here). Here are some things I think everyone should know about and appreciate as much as I do, and no, I do not benefit from this. How could I? I have a readership of four at this point!

1. The magic eraser. This is a critical product for owning a dog. It washes walls…well, magically. You wet it, wipe, and dirt, grime, and mud are blissfully gone. If you go nuts on the wall, it takes the paint off a little, but going nuts is not usually required to remove 99.99% of things that might be on your wall (even if you have a large dog with a penchant for mud).

2. The Swiffer vacuum. This is the most second most amazing vacuum ever. It sucks up hair and dust and leaves nothing behind. It is a little noisy, and the vacuum could be stronger towards the end of the cycle, but whatever – it is a cheap thrill. (When searching for links on this one, I found this recall for the Swiffer vac. Having owned one for a few years now, though, I seriously cannot imagine leaving the thing on such that it would heat like this. No further comment on this because I will start to sound mean.)

3. The Dyson. This is the most awesome vacuum ever. I love, love, love, love the Dyson. I don’t exactly understand what not losing suction means in terms of vacuum functioning, but I can vouch for its superb sucking up abilities.

The animals wanted me to include this: the Presto Heatdish. They actually paw at it with directed vocalizations and coordinated eye gaze to get me to turn it on. My brilliant dog figured out how to turn it on, so it stays unplugged unless it’s on. It really puts out, so to speak. Those who are interested can find it for $50 at Costco; the Amazon link was just to provide a reference.

I know that was a thrilling post. DB is coming back from training and I have to go pick him up from the airport, so I killed time by cleaning and decided that everyone needed to know about my awesome cleaning products. Are you asleep yet?

Just in case you aren’t, here are some more pictures:

The cat in the animal toybox (yes, we need a child):


It is a great game to put whipped cream on his nose (aren’t we so mean?)