So I guess Friday, March 7, was a big day in blogland for my blog. I get a little graph that tells me who has been looking at my blog, and I got a LOT of hits that day. Hi whoever you are!

For some reason, DB was very concerned that I would be sharing exciting and personal things about us on this blog, and he was particularly concerned that you’d find out secret things about the FBI. I have *no* idea where I’d get this information. For instance, check out our most recent (last night) conversation:

Him: Hi hon, how was your day?

Me: Oh, not bad. I went to class and it was really boring so I surfed the web [yes, this is true and it’s the first time all semester that I’ve done it but I still feel guilty] and then I went to work and that was okay but it was a lot of information and then I got stuck on the [public transit system] because the d*mn line was down and then I went to class and PHEW, I still made it, even though I had to go all over town just to make it to [the other campus]! And then I went to the computer lab to reprogram my SAS code [because I deleted it yesterday accidentally – I cried] and I have to say, this one looks way prettier than the first one, so I guess it’s good that I had to do it again.

How was your day?

Him: Good.

Me: What did you do?

Him: Not much. Did some paperwork, drove around, talked to people.

Me: Where did you talk to people?

Him: Around.

I could continue here, but I’d lose the two of you that are actually reading.

And it’s not just because he’s a guy, either, for those of you who might be thinking that. Oh, no. If he’s cleaned the closets or put up shelves or installed a light somewhere, I get a painstaking blow-by-blow of his day. But with his job, there are Rules, and DB is a Rule Follower. The Rule appears to be: You Must Not Tell Your Spouse Anything About What You Do. Because I actually KNOW where he went to “talk to people”: he purchased a $0.99 pack of gum at the local drugstore and CHARGED it. Stealth? No. But Rule Follower? Oh, yes…

…With the sole exception of the picture below. (Others who might be Rule Followers, watch out. This one really pushes the limits):


Oh, yeah, that’s him, entering the NON-TOURIST SECTION on the Great Wall of China. So we know that at least in one situation, he breaks the rules. But I’m telling you, this is the only one I’ve seen him break (and lest you think he’s gone nuts, people break this one all.the.time. It’s like a feat for people to climb the Wall from one end to the other, and only small parts of it have been refurbished or whatever so people can hike it more safely).