I don’t know about other new blogpeople, but I am in *love* with my blog stats.  For some reason (even though I’ve actually recruited readers for this blog), I find it incredibly exciting to have people read this thing!  Hi everyone!

Just to say hi, here is another picture…just cause.  I am actually in the middle of doing stats homework and will have to exercise some restraint.  I’m debating between three different topics for the next substantial blog post – adoption (the debate about whether to), abortion (my personal opinions on, which will probably shock most of you and I am hoping you won’t stop reading there), or guns (my opinions on them and how I’ve had to adjust because one is, by necessity, in my house).  And at some point, I *have* to mock this document that DB brought home.  He laughs, too.  It is priceless.

OK, let me know what you think.  Vote:  adoption, abortion, guns, or FBI other.

This is THE BEST procrastination tool I’ve ever found!  Thanks SO MUCH for reading!!!