Our dog, Little, is roughly the size of a small pony, and it requires a great deal of time to adequately tire him out so he’s a happy puppy. (Don’t ask how we will do this when we do eventually succeed in expanding our family. I assume we will come up with similar schemes, maybe with a harness & cart for him to tote said child around. Who knows. I figure we’re resourceful and can figure out something to multi-task!) Currently, when time is short and his energy is ample, we use a doggy hiking backpack to give his walk some umph.

The backpack is a source of amusement for people we encounter on our walks. Here is Little modeling the backpack in an action shot (I have to say, it doesn’t slow him down much):


The other day, DB was out of town and I had rolled out of bed at 6 am to walk Little after only sleeping a few hours (read: in a stupor). I didn’t think much about our attire – I was focused on the task at hand. Not so much on the fashion statements we’d be making. I outfitted Little in his red pack, leashed him up with a bright red leash (with a comfy handle), and threw on my Michelin-man style (bright red) puffer jacket. Didn’t think much of it until one person…and then another…and another stopped to ask me if I intended to match my dog. Apparently this, too, is a source of fascination for some people.

No, I didn’t intend to match the dog. But apparently I like red (more likely that it’s just on sale a lot), and since I refuse to replace the dog backpack or be cold (in my lighter-weight-but-not-red other coat), we’ll have to match. It is funny to see people staring at us, wondering.