Three years ago today, DB and I married in a very happy (some might say exuberant) ceremony. DB is the best husband I could ever ask for. I figured you’d want to know all of the ways he’s awesome (not meant to induce vomiting, so if you are not a sappy person, skip past the list):

  1. We are the only couple we know that sleep cuddled together all night, every night (see reasons we did not get a queen sized-bed post, below). If DB gets out of bed in the middle of the night, I scooch over in bed, still asleep, looking for him (apparently until I reach the edge of the bed, then I give up the search). There have been a few times when he’s had to return to bed on my side of the bed because he can’t get in on his!
  2. He makes me coffee or a latte or a steamer (I didn’t start drinking coffee until recently) almost every morning, and if he leaves earlier than me, he puts it in a cup labelled with my name for when I wake up.
  3. It’s really painful for me to walk the dog on the mornings that are super cold, so if it’s really cold outside, he makes sure to wake up extra early to walk him, even if I don’t have to leave until late.
  4. He always gives me the good pancake, or the good cinnamon bun (I want to keep this to a dozen, so I’ll fit it in here – he makes cinnamon rolls every Saturday morning), or the good piece of pizza. These are things I don’t really appreciate until I’m making a list like this one.
  5. After 15 years of strict vegetarianism, I had to start eating red meat to get some iron because I don’t absorb iron any other way (for some reason) and I can’t take iron pills. However, I find meat disgusting!! DB handles the meat and cooks it so I can eat it. He makes awesome chili. 🙂 (We haven’t come up with a suitable plan for when he leaves for three months. Any ideas? I think he’s going to make a lot of chili and freeze it.)
  6. He is my absolute best friend. I’ve never had a real best friend before because I moved around a lot, but I think if I had to wait this long to find him, I really lucked out. He stays home from work if I’m sick, he takes my calls if I’m panicked, even if he’s in some (super secret meeting where all they’re doing is planning where to get lunch) meeting, and he bears the brunt of the crazy grad school/work schedule that I currently keep.
  7. He hates, hates, hates onions. Onions are like DB’s kryptonite (how do you spell that?). When we first started dating, we went to an absolutely delicious dinner prepared by my extended family-member’s-then-boyfriend’s-family (got that? It was a truly delicious meal and I don’t want them to read this and be offended, but it’s a funny story). Anyway, everything in the whole meal was onion-based, but the woman didn’t know I was a vegetarian, so she was really concerned that I wouldn’t have anything to eat (not a problem – seriously – the food was awesome) and DB didn’t want to say anything about the onions. He managed to eat *most* of the meal. For DB, this is a huge accomplishment and a huge sacrifice. I didn’t realize it at the time, but if you know DB in real life…you do. Anyway, it made him sick (I think it was psychosomatic) but he did it for me.
  8. He charges my cell phone every night, so when he goes out of town my phone dies because I have forgotten what it’s like to actually care for your own phone.
  9. He lets me have this blog, even though he is completely freaked out about it.
  10. He feeds the cat and talks to her in this funny high-pitched voice, and then he talks (I can’t wait for people from his office to find this blog, I must say.) He’ll say, “you gave me more food than that yesterday. Don’t you remember yesterday? This room service sucks.”
  11. He also talks for the dog, although we disagree on the specifics of what the dog says. He talks for the dog in this dopey, “I don’t get it” voice most of the time, until the dog protects the house or car, at which point the dog’s “voice” becomes a mean, I’m-gonna-kill-you-voice (DB will say, “Get the &^%$ away from the house!” or “Step away from the vehicle!”)
  12. When my friend got married in January, he stuck around in the lobby of the hotel while all of the bridesmaids were getting ready (all day), waiting for one of us to ask him to do something. And then the photographer needed something, so he ran to a camera store to buy her a part she needed. He did this even though he was exhausted and I was being a little mean to him because there was a lot going on (and I had two glasses of wine at the rehearsal dinner, which is roughly equivalent to drinking an entire keg of beer for most people so I was a little hung over).
  13. He always teases me that he’s going to give me one gift for both our anniversary and my birthday, which is in three weeks, but he always finds the time to get gifts for both. 🙂

Ok, a baker’s dozen is probably good.

How we met: DB and I met in a very transient Bible study group when he had just finished law school and I was just out of undergrad (for those that care, that means that we’re 5.5 years apart), but we were just acquaintances. Then I moved to another state for graduate school (post-grad degree #1…which totally reminds me of this, but obviously that wasn’t the intention, and in my defense, I’ve taken lots of time off in between degrees to work in other, non-academic jobs), and he randomly moved to the same state to pursue a work opportunity while he applied to the Bureau. When he got to said state, he emailed our Bible study and said, “Hey, everyone, I left (old state) and I’m now in (new state) – bye!” And, I’m sure to his total surprise, random me answered, “Hey DB, it turns out I’m in (new state)! Let’s hang out!”

So we did. We actually hung out a few times. We lived about 3 hours away from each other but he had to go to my neck of the woods often enough (for work, or for his FBI application) that we could get coffee or dinner together.

And then, I got sick. He emailed me (probably in April?) to see if I wanted to get together, and I wrote back, “No, because I’ll be busy until late July”. [No, these are not typos. I seriously told him I was busy for 3 months.]

Not surprisingly, he was a tad offended, but I meant nothing by it – to me, it was a simple statement – I’m swamped! But then my friend’s friend’s father suddenly passed away, so we decided to pay our respects at the funeral home in DB’s town (and this is roughly around June, in my “busy time”). Unfortunately, we got lost. I had a brilliant idea: I had a friend who lived here, so I’d give him a call!

Now, the ultimate outcome – that we got engaged – is only because of my truly kind and generous nature.

Although I was completely unaware of it, he was not thrilled that I was calling him for directions; he thought I was just avoiding him with that email. Naively, I asked him if he wanted to get dinner with us that night, and he answered, “Maybe. I need to finish my laundry.”

(Now is that like the modern-day equivalent to “I need to wash my hair”, or what?!?)

At any rate, he came to dinner with us (after making us wait for about 2 hours – no kidding), he was nice, and we started hanging out a bit together again. By the fall, we were back to being pals, and in January, we started formally “dating” (ie, we kissed, an element of the relationship that was not previously present), and in April – yes, April, 4 months later – we got engaged (after being friends for 2 years).

DB, I love you so, so, so much. Here’s to another three (hundred) years! 🙂