So my plans for an awesome trip report are on hold for a bit while I fight this absolutely disgusting cough I developed somewhere between St. Kitts and here. We had a crazy trip back from St. Kitts, thanks to American Airlines, the airport staff, and some truly obnoxious New Jersey folks. It was an absolutely wonderful vacation but the ending was unfortunate. HOWEVER, I am happy to report that despite leaving late (because the ground crew randomly assigned people to rows, including putting a 10-year old in the EXIT ROW, causing mass hysteria and mayhem on board – seriously, how OLD are we people?!? It was a lot like watching little kids say “moooooom, she’s touching meeeeee!” to the flight attendants – “But ma’aaaaaaam, she’s in my seat!!”), having to stop for gas in San Juan, Puerto Rico for (ahem) TWO hours (seriously?!?), and sprinting through JFK airport to get our connecting flight home, we MADE it. I was NOT going to let AA take my flight home. Ha!! But I think the long day and the crazy sprint potentially aggravated my hack.

While you’re here and bemoaning the lack of my updates, please check out my friend Katie’s blog. We went to middle school and high school (Katie, was it high school?) together in London, and although she’s super outdoorsy and lives in Colorado, she’s never road biked before. So, she’s trying her hand at biking in a 545-mile bike ride for HIV/AIDS (AIDS/Lifecycle). Just in case the link doesn’t work, here it is again: Check it out! She enjoys blogging almost as much as I do!

Here are some pictures of our time on the island. As I mentioned before, the next ones will be password-protected. I just don’t have the energy now to offer much in the way of commentary!

We called St Kitts the drumstick; here’s DB pointing to what we called the neck (don’t ask. It is an incredibly poor analogy, and yes, we know that drumsticks don’t have necks):


This is our view from the beach. Notice: NO PEOPLE!!! It was heaven. (Not that I’m a recluse, but it was perfect for what we wanted: a place to spend a few days together before DB leaves for 3 months):


Well…we did share the beach a little bit:


And one day we took a drive around the entire island. Here are some shots:


And we were particularly obsessed with this sign. Don’t you think Bush (or Cheney – or maybe McCain) would LOVE to put this everywhere in the U.S.?!?!?


OK, check Katie’s blog, and I’ll write more later after my hack goes away (this took a few hours to write)!