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Have I mentioned that the university I attend is particularly pretentious?

Although I’m a (doctoral) student in public health, I’m cross-registered this term in two other schools at my university.  This means I spend time on two campuses (my own and the campus that houses my other classes).

That other campus is the site of much pretentiousness.

Not to say, of course, that everyone there is pretentious.  Far from it.  It just seems that the rate of pretentiousness is slightly higher at that campus as compared with, say, any other community in the lower 48.

So the other day, I drove myself to my (late afternoon) class, mostly to avoid coughing and exposing millions of fellow travelers on the public transportation system.  I had skipped lunch and DB and I had exciting Chipotle plans for dinner, so I couldn’t get a huge meal, but I was super hungry and needed a snack.  There just so happens to be a Dunkin’ Donuts near this campus.  I headed in.

For the record, I rarely eat in Dunkin’ Donuts.  Just in case you’re wondering.

Anyway, so I walk in there and stand there for a bit, waiting for the person to take my order and debating what yummy-but-nutritionally-defunct snack to order.  While I waited, a line formed behind me.  I place my order:  a jelly donut and an order of hash browns.  (For those of you who haven’t been in a DD recently, they now have sandwiches, pizzas, and hot breakfast *all the time*.  It’s very cheap, very unhealthy, and very yummy in a gross way.)  At any rate, I *owned* my grossness.

As I ordered, though, the guy behind me practically guffawed.  I thought he was about to have a coronary for me!  Somewhat miffed, but clearly undeterred, I took the donut she gave me, immediately ripped open the bag, and stood aside to wait for the hash browns (furiously gulping my donut like it’s my first meal in days).

Guffawing Coronary Guy behind me had a banana in hand.   When it was *his* turn, he ordered a “black coffee”, really loudly, and then when the person asked him if he wanted anything else, he paused and – I kid you not – whispered, “a pumpkin muffin”.  And then snatched it and furtively scurried off.

I giggled.  I mean, seriously.  We’re all in DD together, right?