OK, anyone who has a strong desire for a child (see previous posts on the topic) tends to elevate the pets’ standing to be roughly equivalent with that of small children (or so I’ve heard.  If you’re not like that, please pardon the gross generalization). So excuse all of the posts that document our animals; when we have a child, I’m sure we’ll have fewer pictures (or maybe we’ll have just as many, but there will also be cute children sharing the space).

Here’s Little trying to go to his bed. He adores his bed. Unfortunately, his bed is also housing the old bedrails (since our new wooden bed arrived yesterday), a random wooden stool that got in the way of the bed installation, and it looks like a shoe might be on there, too. So he squeeeeeeezed himself on there:

Don’t worry, I’ll clear it off this afternoon. He also has approximately 800 other sleeping spots, so he’s hardly suffering! 🙂

I *will* write more later.