For months, the U.S. adopting-from-Vietnam community has sought this information, although much of it has been reported (more as rumors). Today, the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi published a comprehensive report that details the “paperwork irregularities”, coercion of birthmothers, and baby procurement practices for international adoption. This is not necessarily new information, but it is the first time that U.S. clearly articulates its rationale for its actions in the last 6 months (actions that appeared to try to slow adoptions to the U.S.).

If you are not part of this community, or have not followed the news about this, it will not mean nearly as much. I feel so ill just thinking about the birthfamilies in Vietnam, the children in Vietnam, and the prospective adoptive parents here in the states who have poured their time, energy, and hearts into pursuing an adoption from Vietnam that may or may not be completed.

Here are the links:

9-page document sourced in the AP news report:

Announcement concerning adoption efforts in process:

There will be a lot of people writing their opinions on this topic, and all of them have a better position from which to evaluate the decision than I do. My earlier post (that I marked private and is no longer available except in the few instances in which it was cached prior to my decision to mark it private) describes the diplomatic measures and procedural changes that have occurred over the last 6 months. It was written primarily to explain what’s going on to those of you (which is pretty much everyone who reads this blog) who are not part of the adoption community.

I will edit it later tonight and post it at that point.