Every night since I finally conquered Little’s pillow-sharing habit, he has decided that he must *ask* for permission to get on the bed. We *used* to make him do this before he jumped in our bed, when he was a puppy and we were really into establishing Rules and Boundaries and Dominance with him, but now, we’ve gotten a little slack on things like asking permission to get into bed. So it’s a little odd that he’s started it (not that I’m complaining…)

So every night, now, this is what he looks like:

The angle is kind of funny, since I took it from where I was sitting in bed, but he’ll rest his head on the bed, look up at me, and look down at the bed, and look up at me again, as if to say “OK?” – and if I don’t say anything, he’ll stay there until I turn the lights off, and THEN he’ll jump in the bed. And cuddle. Spoon, if you will.

So weird.

Except today something happened that made me really psyched that he has this new-old habit. We were walking in the park, in the pouring rain, and I noticed that some BIRD had pooped on his leg!!! Apparently some bird deposited a little piece of bird-ness onto the back of his leg at exactly the same time as Little was breaking out his long stride. Oh, so, so, so, so, gross.

For the rest of the walk (during which I was talking to DB), all I could think of was bird flu (not a possibility), how impressed I was with the bird’s aim (very), and how gross it would be if he jumped in my bed or on the couch or laid on the floor or did anything short of living in the driveway (don’t worry, he didn’t. I scrubbed his leg 6 times and I think he’s as close to sterile as he has ever been now)

DB comes home in T-minus 73 days, 00 hours, 10 minutes, and 32…31…seconds!! 🙂