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And….check out these monkeys in Cambodia! You have to wait until the very very end to see them jump off (and when we turned the camera off, they ALL started diving in, one after another).

These monkeys made my day then, and they’re making my day now. The voices you hear in the background are me (trying to convince my friend to keep videotaping in the hopes that they’ll start diving) and my friend, Jen (R…of like 12 Jens I am very happy to call my friends. If your name is Jen, chances are, we’ll be friends) about whether to keep taping.

DB and I went to Cambodia with our church on a missions trip last summer. We worked with World Relief. If you’re interested in the phenomenal work that World Relief does, please ask!!

Flickr is now pretty much sanitized, I think. Feel free to check it out. I’ll also un-protect the previous post; just keep in mind that we aren’t evil, Little had just come in from outside, and although he might look annoyed, he actually was having fun.

P.S. I feel very stupid. You have to click the little thing that says “100_1826” to see the link. If anyone can educate me on how to insert a real video, I’d be forever grateful. All of my videos are too big for youtube and I am apparently not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I also have an assignment due in 3.5 hours, which means messing-around-with-flickr time is over.