Yeah, it’s certainly in the air over here.

(Note: I’ve been trying to write this post for days, but I am constantly distracted by something. So if there are multiple tenses in it, it’s because I’ve changed from present, to past, to wayyy past…)

So our friends went on a house-hunting trip last week, and they left their teeny-tiny dog, Tika, with Little, Fluffy, and I while they were gone. Previous appearances from Tika appear on this blog here, and here’s another very cute picture of her to demonstrate her size compared with Little (one dog is abnormally small, the other is abnormally large. When I walked them, I resisted the urge to tell people Tika was actually my dog, too, and we had named her “Tank”):

Tika, it turns out, has matured a little bit since her last visit with us. One of Little’s toys is a stuffed beaver that is somewhat associated with an ex-boyfriend – he (Little) found it at my parents’ house and decided that it was just a perfect dog toy, and I felt no urge to stop him. Here’s Mr. Beaver:

Tika completely fell in love with him. Once she found Mr. Beaver, she took it upon herself to become Mrs. Beaver…it was quite the brief but intensely amorous relationship. Mr. Beaver rarely had a moment to himself with Tika around.

Little was somewhat traumatized by the hot-and-heavy goings-on between Tika and Mr. Beaver. He would interrupt a number of their trysts with a definitive (but gentle) headbutt to knock Tika off her man. Each interruption was really only temporary, though (the more permanent interruptions were from me, offering Mr. Beaver some respite on our fridge).

It would have been lewd and inappropriate for me to post a video of the budding romance on my PG-related blog. However, it appears that the satisfaction between Tika and Mr. Beaver was mutual:

(I mean, seriously. Don’t they both look so satisfied!?)

In other pictures and a video, Tika and Little had a blast. The video has me attempting to shush Tika, who falls into the “conveniently-sized-but-shrieky-but-very-very-fun” category of dogs, and the video was taped too late at night to let her shriek with abandon.

Little, post-rescuing Mr. Beaver from the lust-driven Tika:

Little and Tika, mid-playing session (note Tika’s size as compared with the MacBook):

And…another video. This one spares you from most barking, shows you a little of the object of Tika’s affection, and sweeps by a disgusting marrow bone ON OUR COUCH that Tika so thoughtfully left for me (in general bones are not OK on the couch! Not ok! But I was distracted, so don’t be too repulsed) The messiness is mostly from having two dogs and a crazy end-of-semester schedule. Just focus on the dogs playing, ok? Ok. 🙂  They really had quite a fun time in here.

Updated: Here is the video:

*Elton John song, from the Lion King