I continue to be completely obsessed with my *own* blog stats.

Today, June 2nd, 2008, is about to be my best day ever, beating my previous best day ever (April 10th, 2008, and I have absolutely no idea why that day was so awesome.  Maybe because my all-time most popular post was published on that day – thanks, DB!). I don’t know why today was my best day ever, either, except that I do know I’m excited about it. I think part of the reason was that I got a lot of random hits. Sometimes when I’m really really REALLY bored, I try to recreate those hits, just to see how far someone had to go to get to my blog.

Anyway, so things I learned today (waiting outside for my friend so we can ride home together, thus reducing our carbon footprint):

1) Lick stick ovulation kit: I seriously thought this was a sick joke. No, actually, it’s for real. Apparently there is an alternative to peeing in a cup to determine whether you are ovulating: you can spit in a cup, instead! (I couldn’t, cause I don’t make spit, but this is a nice alternative for those of you who are seeking to predict ovulation with a kit and minimize the amount of time spent in target practice.)

Can I just offer a free alternative, those of you searching for lick stick kits (who will undoubtedly start coming here more often, now that I’ve written the whole word in the text)? (The reason I got the hit was because I told the internet world about my stupidity in licking clean a wooden coffee stirrer.) Buy a book: Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Whether you’re TTC or TTA (trying to conceive or trying to avoid), TCOYF is the best book out there. No pills, no money, no urine-drenched fingers (if you’re clumsy), no spitting. Oh, if only I got royalties from this.

2) Tradewinds semi-automatic shotgun: Ok, so the top search topics for this blog are basically:

1) Adoption in Vietnam topics
2) The quote about tradewinds (in various capacities)
3) Bachelorette food (I really want to serve this need – anyone got any great penis-cake recipes? I think I am really depressing people out there searching for this stuff.)
4) Various gun-related topics, like guns in pants, hiding guns in pants, types of guns (in pants), buying guns, etc. As a card-carrying bleeding-heart liberal, this makes me very uncomfortable, but I comfort myself by saying that there is nothing on here that cannot be found from much scarier sources, and I don’t exactly provide many answers to these questions, anyway.
5) The original point of this blog: FBI stuff. Today I got one for “FBI movies”. This might have been, like, the third search EVER where I was actually able to meet the person’s needs.

This search got #s 2 AND 4. I would really love to know what the goal of that search was.

3) ADOPTION IN VIETNAM. I am simply going to refer you to my previous post on the subject HERE. Please read it, read VVAI, read the Embassy statements (linked HERE). Please do not start a Vietnam adoption now. It may be that adoptions from Vietnam begin shortly after they end in September, but those who begin the process now will potentially never adopt a child and potentially lose thousands of dollars in the process. Let me put it this way: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THAT ANY AGENCY WILL BE ABLE TO COMPLETE AN ADOPTION FROM VIETNAM THAT IS STARTED NOW, JUNE, 2008. Not even a waiting (special needs) child. Not even a very old child. No one. I’m so sorry. Please, please, please do not support the corrupt agencies that might willingly take your money at this point, because it is simply going into a black hole that will never be recovered.

That’s all for today. I know I totally failed in my ambitious attempt to blog about 4 huge topics last week. Hey – I got one of them, right? This chem class is sucking down all of my time!! (But YAY!  I got a good grade on my exam on Thursday!!!  The average was 65 and I beat the average by a very hefty margin!  The only reason I am reporting this is that I am just overjoyed, given that I am *NOT* AT ALL a science person!  At all.  At all at all at all.  So I’m PSYCHED.)  The next post will either be about my weekend (ASD, part II, and it will absolutely be protected) or about FAQ round 2 about the FBI. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂