I meant, my absolute biggest fear for MYself.  Obviously I fear a lot of other things for DB.  Since this is a fairly narcissistic blog at this point, given that I have no dependents other than a dog and a cat and my husband has flown the coop for 3 months, I didn’t really stop to think how that last post sounded.  Whoops.  Sorry.

In other news, I am sitting here trying to figure out why the heck we have so many cables and wires.  Are they seriously ALL necessary?  REALLY?  I ditched a VCR (I think the last time we used it was 2003) and now I have this crazy looking lineup of various electronic accessories across the bottom of my TV stand.  I look like a electronic-fanatic recluse (who has never picked up a how-to manual for minimizing electrical cords).  The Com*cast guy was just here to give us our own internet (and phone…they are essentially paying US to have the phone.  How crazy is that?  We also haven’t had a home phone since…well, I guess, circa 2001).

At any rate, I tried to organize the cords, then said “screw it” and stuffed them back behind the stand.  And then added three more.  Ha!

Back to the setup…hopefully I won’t knock myself offline for life.