Dad, my very most enthusiastic supporter. The most committed reader of this blog, and the most steadfast supporter of my various ridiculous and not-so-ridiculous endeavors. Thanks for being so enthusiastic even when I’m not nearly so enthusiastic about your enthusiasm. You are a wonderful father, even though I don’t ever tell you that.  I love you.

Mom: I totally failed to say Happy Mother’s Day to you the modern blog way, but you are the best mom a girl could ever ask for, something I also fail to tell you enough. Thank you so much for listening to me cry for the last 3 months. Thank you for dealing with my stupidity, too. You’re an amazing mom, an amazing role model, and I will never be able to be half the mom you are to me.  I love you.

DB: We have no kids yet, but Little says hi and he wishes you would come home because I am a terrible wrestler.  He’d get on the computer himself, but then my readers would think I was insane. Maybe next year we’ll have a mini-us (adopted or biological – a good chunk of personality is also constructed by environment, so it will be a mini-us either way – ha!) so we can celebrate the holiday. Hint: If our dependent status changes next year, we will also celebrate Mother’s Day, and it is likely that our dependents will not be capable of walking themselves to Hallmark. Just sayin’.

DB, 25 more days. It can’t end soon enough.

Love, me