Aw, c’mon…don’t you?!? In my school, we called it ATT, or Algebra 2/Trig. It was…15 years ago for me. At that time, I thought it was Very Important that I learn what sin(x), cos(x), and tan(x) were. I cried. I thought if I didn’t figure it out, I would be doomed.

Then I learned that actually, once that’s over, you pretty much never need to see a sin or cos graph again. You’re good to go. In fact, all of those math things are really pretty useless, unless you’re going into engineering or gunning to be a math teacher.

Guess what?

I was WRONG.

It turns out, you need to remember all of that s&*t stuff for the crazy professor’s version of general chem 2, too! So if you want to go into medicine, APPARENTLY that little cos(x) graph is Really Important! Apparently I was much smarter as a 14-year-old. Assigning appropriate proportions in a right triangle IS necessary for success in life.

I am trying desperately to access the very remote part of my brain in which this information is stored. So far, all I’ve gotten is SOH-CAH-TOA, and that’s the part of my brain that just read the textbook. Crrrrrraaap. Apparently I needed this for the GRE, but right before I took the GRE I taught a GED class (not a typo) and it turns out, most of the math is pretty much the same. So I didn’t study much for the GRE, and it is not a saving grace for me here.

Had I known that Exam 3 would require an intimate knowledge of 9th and 10th grade math, I PROBABLY would have studied better for Exam 2. So it goes.

Back to banging my head against a wall learning.