So is it still nerdy to be on a laptop in public? I’m sitting outside (blogging) waiting for a friend, and I am the only person around…well, doing much of anything, but certainly on a computer. I feel like it’s 1992 and it’s really super dorky to be on a computer. Oh, well.

So 24 hours after my long contemplative walk with Little, a walk that ended with me resolving to essentially be a better person, I blew it. Apparently I have a way to go. We walked up the hill, Fido was out, and a person in my neighborhood who is a chem teacher was also out. In the interest of not failing my exam, I beelined for the park, planning to keep an eye on Little and Fido. Stupid me. Fido goes after Little (I watched this with my OWN EYES), Little rebukes him, I pull him away, and while I’m pulling him away, I am yelling (loudly and not very nicely AT ALL), “GET YOUR DOG OFF”.

So loudly, in fact, that the other neighbors down the street could hear me.


Now, in my defense, as I stomped off in disgust, Fido’s owners turn to him and say, “It’s okay, Fido. It’s okay...” petting his head and giving him a treat. And if you know ANYthing about training dogs, or socializing dogs, it is that you should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER comfort a dog who has just demonstrated aggression or fear, because then they think there was something to be afraid of in the first place. And if you give them a treat, well – that just reinforces whatever behavior they were doing. Good luck if it’s not a behavior you wish to see again.

So I was ripped very upset.

I was also very upset because I watched him go after a black lab pretty much immediately after he gave up on Little.

He is a racist, sizist (is that a word? discriminates by size? because he only goes after the big ones) dog, that Fido.

In other news, I flunked my chem exam today. Yep. They handed out answer keys, and, yeah, I flunked. The saddest thing was that I really studied for this. Hard. And I thought I knew the stuff (actually, I DID know it. I am just apparently very challenged in understanding what the questions are asking for). This is rather upsetting, because although on the last test, I understood the questions and just bombed the answers, this test I was truly confused. And although I have now been told by those who know that this professor is truly insane and the scope of the class is out of line with the intent of the class, I am a little worried. This is GENERAL CHEMISTRY. For FRESHMEN IN COLLEGE. I should not be struggling with it. I should certainly not be concerned I might flunk the class (!).

So I have to say, I’ve had better days. And tonight I get to work, hopefully making very few phone calls but probably making very many. And clean. And maybe move some furniture.

I want to sleep.