…yeah, finish that sentence.

One of my friends (who is moving to Denver 😦 ) (she is also named Jen) came over tonight to help me move furniture for guests that are coming tomorrow night (also named Jen). We were talking and cleaning. I came upon a chocolate bar that has been on the counter for some time.

The bar had been nibbled.

Oh. My. Goodness.

(and no, that is not what I said in real life.)

I freaked out. We moved every appliance looking for how the eater of the bar might have entered the house. We found one dropping. We found a trail of foil and wrapper from the diligence of the rodent in eating the bar.

No mouse.

Oh. My. Goodness.

So I’m waiting. It’s almost 1 am. Isn’t that when the mice come to eat? Except that I do not know what to do once I find him. Hit him? Stab him? Shoot him? (No, that’s not an option. DB’s gun is locked up in at the academy.) What if he has friends? What if he’s been here for a while?!?!?

I am totally freaked out. My place is messy – it’s covered in papers – but it is not dirty. I clean all. the. time. Except that there have been many nights when I haven’t felt like doing the dishes, and probably didn’t run the disposal, and the thought crossed my mind, absently, that I might regret this, but I pushed it away.

Can we say “stupid”???

Jen was very friendly, helping move appliances and search for droppings. I can’t imagine I was a lot of fun to hang out with.

Help! Suggestions! What do I do with a mouse if I find him?!????

I’m calling the exterminator first thing in the morning.