Can I just say how stupid I feel to have a teeny tiny mouse cause so much consternation?!?

I think it’s more the fact that I’m scared of my condo association, but still. One (hopefully one. I always tell people, “It’s NEVER one”, but I’m so praying that I am wrong on that one) little, teeny, itsy, bitsy, mouse. Like something we put in a glass cage and keep as a pet. Tiny mouse.

When Little and I went outside to walk this morning, there was a bird hopping on the sidewalk with a broken wing. He was extremely! interested! in this bird, doing his little dance and tick-tocking his short tail.

Please know that I am not a mean person.

The bird was going to die anyway. I indulged Little’s interest – I let him at it. I want to know what he thinks he should do with a small animal. He likes to chase squirrels, but he’s never gotten good enough to get one. Here was a sitting duck, so to speak, that I could use for practice.


I’m not kidding.

I’m doomed.