Well, folks, I am here to report that today, something happened that I am considering just short of a miracle.

(That is a little bit melodramatic. Just a touch.)

Remember (before I became very excitedly pseudofamous for 24 hours with my most recent adoption ethics post) how I was mourning my dismal performance on my third and final chemistry exam?

I mean, I will be totally honest…I got pretty much every. single. answer. wrong. For the first time in my entire life on a school assignment, I was counting UP from zero to get my score (when comparing my memory of my answers to the answer key provided on the way out the door), rather than counting DOWN from 100, and praying that somehow, God would perform a miracle. (Also realizing that this is SCHOOL, and I am a big dork for being so emotionally involved with it, and keeping it in perspective. Honestly, I was. Seriously.)

(And don’t get me wrong. If I flunked the test, I would most certainly have still praised God, for I am quite certain He would have shown me some other door [probably the revolving one to public health]. But I was really hoping that maybe, just maybe, He would see things from my perspective, because I surely didn’t help my own cause. That exam was the most confusing thing I’ve ever tried to complete.)


I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, I passed compared with the class average, which is all that matters, since the class is graded on a curve. The class average was 50 (yes, %. Out of 100). I was 2 (YAY!!!!!) points below it!! (What has my life come to that I am psyched about a score of 48 – yes, 48%. Out of 100. In an undergrad chem class where I am roughly 10 years older than my classmates.  NERD NERD NERD NERD NERD.)

And yes, there really was a miracle. I can’t quite figure it out except that there were several questions that required only 1 significant figure. So I rounded my answers to the single sig fig, as requested, and even though my entire approach was wrong, my answer was wrong, and my philosophy on the topic was wrong, I managed to put the right answer. It magically rounded to the right number.

And, folks, on a test where it is only the number that matters, and there is no partial credit, I. AM. A ROCKSTAR!!!!! (Said with sincere humility, of course, and praising God for this total gift.)

So on to the final (Thursday). It was an exhilarating morning! 🙂