I have an orgo test on Monday.  I’m trying to cram for it.  There is always the risk of failure when you do not attend the week of lectures from which said exam draws its material, but I had to attend other lectures instead.  It should be interesting.

DB is coming home in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!!  I cannot tell you the emotions that are occurring in me in conjunction with that event.  Mostly thrilled, ecstatic, happy…and there is a small part of me that is worried that it will be very stressful, too.  Part of me (the nice part of me) knows that the evil part of me can rear its ugly head during the re-entry phase of life.  I think it will help that DB will be home for a whole week off before he goes back to work, so the pace of life that will not change is mine, not his.  But most of me is thrilled to pieces and I cannot wait to have by best friend back here.  I think Little will pee on the floor with excitement, too.

Jen & B & their 5-year old, K, left this morning.  They were supposed to stay longer but it didn’t work out.  Jen is DB’s friend from his law school days.  They are avid blog readers.  I think I have a lot to say about that but this isn’t the appropriate setting, so I am mulling this over on my very very own in between trying to memorize functional groups (yeah, I thought that was an arbitrary name, too.  It turns out they are just really random combinations of carbon, hydrogen, and other element groups.  Who knew?) and pKa values (that is a measure of acidity).  It’s distracting, probably more than just their existence in my tiny apartment was.  But I’ll just keep on thinking, and thinking, and thinking.  And, I’ll be a little honest, getting angry.  Because the world is really full of injustice.  (How’s that for a sweeping not-so-context-driven statement?)

I’m exhausted.  13 days, baby.  The length of the Cuban Missile Crisis, isn’t it?  Or at least the title of that movie about the CMC…