…are more interesting than my own, especially these days (ok, pretty much all the time).

I read a smattering of random people’s blogs about the various things I’m interested in:  adoption from various places, pregnancy, raising a multicultural family, being a birthparent, being an adoptee, going to med school as an old(er) student, topics related to having a child on the autism spectrum, being a mid-term missionary in a foreign country (those are people I know personally, and they’re linked on the side of the page).  Honestly, most of those people do not even know that I read their blogs, but occasionally I surface and leave a comment.  Some of them do know who I am, though, because I’ve emailed them to tell them I’m reading about their lives.  It makes me feel less creepy, although I’ve kind of come to realize that having a blog means that random people read your thoughts, and other people who have a blog already know that, so they generally don’t care that there are random lurkers reading their thoughts.  ANYway.  So I lurk.

A few of the blogs I read recently posted items that fall under the category of “things I perseverate about for the bulk of my day”.  I wrote a post about my big news of the day already, but I will share that tomorrow after I edit it.  In the meantime, here are some interesting links:

1)  Laura’s post from last night questioned why adoption as the primary route of family building was so confusing for people – she has been fielding questions about why she and her husband choose to build their family though international adoption without first trying to conceive a biological child.  Given my constant vacillation between euphoria and guilt over pregnancy, and the strong tug toward adoption with the gnawing worry of the money required to complete it, I found her post fascinating.

2)  Can women have it all – career, kids?  How?  Laurie‘s posts (there are two – the most recent two, at this moment) ask for feedback from her (many, many) readers and there are some really interesting comments (not mine – mine is really dumb) about women’s experiences.  Laurie graduated from medical school recently, adopted two adorable boys from Vietnam and gave birth to a beautiful daughter a few months ago, and she’s trying to make some decisions about residencies as her husband makes his way through med school, too.  (I find this blog fascinating for so many reasons, actually.)  Anyway, Laurie’s post is really interesting and it brings up a lot of my own insecurities and neuroses about how we will manage to raise our children given my personal beliefs about what kids need and my personal goals that apparently mean I will never be home.  (I have some more thinking to do about that.)

3)  This isn’t a blog, but the Washington Post’s article on the etiology of autism spectrum disorders is a must-read for everyone who is involved in a baby or toddler group (because those baby and toddler groups invariably has someone from the anti-vaccination league willing to spread false information about the connection between vaccines and autism.  And if you want slightly more information about that, you can email me for the password to my autism post).  At some point, I will compile the literature on this topic and post it in a blog post (check back in August when I have time) but suffice it to say in the meantime that vaccines do not cause autism.

**Note:  Washington Post article refers to children as “autistic”.  Please consider yourself warned about this phrasing.  I am not a stickler for terminology – except in this case.  Children have autism, or children are on the autism spectrum, or children have depression – children are not “autistic”, or “depressed” or “epileptic”.

Off of soapbox.  Have a good night!