Little here. I am taking over the computer. It is way too distracting for my mom, who truly believes she has lost her mind now.  She says this post is solid evidence that she and my dad need a human child.

Although the rest of the dogs in our neighborhood are out partying this weekend, I am stuck inside with her. She’s studying. And studying. And studying blog stalking people who have adopted babies from Kyrgyzstan. And studying some more. I need to stop her. I mean, seriously. Who wants to spend an entire holiday weekend drawing little molecules all over the place? I. must. stop. her.

So first I laid down on the papers. Who could deny this face, right?

Apparently, my human mom.

So when the paper-obstruction techniques failed to get her attention, I decided more drastic measures needed to be taken. I found a cool pink pig to chew on that wasn’t mine, so I figured it would be a good thing to bring to my bed.

She squashed that plan. Buzzkill!

So I took a short nap to recharge my batteries and brainstorm new diversion techniques.

It appeared to be way too productive for her, so I woke up pretty quickly.

I needed reinforcements. She was beginning to get on a roll, and I needed new diversions.

I found another toy and dragged it over to my mom so she could play with me (thanks, Grandma! I really love it)(No, this is not an ad, although the toy is pretty neat):

(I am laughing like a hyena here.)
(It did not work.)

So I laid my head in her lap. The least she could do is pet me, right? I mean, I’ve been a perfect gentleman waiting for her to get done with the studying already!

(yes, she is wearing pants, but they are totally flesh-colored. And the Cambodian beer t-shirt is Dad’s. I know you were wondering.)

Then we FINALLY went to play.

(And DB doesn’t understand why I am not more productive when he is gone!)