This morning, I was riding public transit to class. Train was packed because my class starts (early) and I was (late). There was a guy sitting there with a sketch pad, drawing. I look closer (remember, packed train – I was pretty much standing on his feet) and realize that the guy is drawing us. His fellow passengers.

I spent the entire ride debating whether that was creepy. At one point, I justified it by thinking that he would start drawing one person, but then when that person departed the train, he would keep going on the same person with a new subject (so the drawing would be a hybrid of all the passengers on the train). That seemed less creepy to me for some reason.

But oh, no. When someone got off the train before he was *done* drawing them, he would sigh, shake his head, flip the page, and scour the train for a new target. And furiously, furiously, furiously start again.

I made it a little game – trying to figure out who his target was before he finished drawing the person’s hair (he always started at the hair). It got boring pretty fast.

But here is the weirdest part – when his target would look up at him and watch him, he would assiduously study something else. Like all of a sudden, the train map above our heads would become really interesting.

In my 20 minute ride, he probably drew 10 people (not finished, of course).

I didn’t see if he got around to drawing me.

Poll: Creepy, or am I overreacting? I kind of feel violated for some reason. We got off at the same stop, so the likelihood of a subsequent run-in with this guy is fairly high. Should I run?