So DB is back. Yay! Unfortunately I haven’t seen much of him. I am now in the throes of o-chem, which wouldn’t be a big deal if I were remotely gifted in the natural/bench/hard sciences. However, I have come to believe that I have a learning disability in all sciences, particularly those that require one to interpret squiggly lines in rapid, meaningful ways, and I am in my own personal hell. So no posting, no time with DB, no time with Little, and lots of time staring at squiggly lines.

Last night I had a little scare and ended up having to skip night lab (6-11 pm – no, I’m not kidding) so I could party in the ER. OK, that was a little euphemistic, but we’ll leave it at that. This ended up with me having to make up night lab tonight – Thursday night. Here is a funny excerpt from my introduction to my new temporary lab partners (who were super cool. They were very gracious and funny):

Me: Hi, I’m Rachel.

Them: Hi, Rachel! Oh, sweet! Now we have three and we’ll be done SUPER early!

Me: Yeah, well, hopefully…

Somehow the topic of my old age comes up. I have no idea how this happens.

Me: Yeah, I’m old.

Girl 1: Oh yeah? That’s okay. N (gesturing to the other partner) is old, too.

Me, looking over at N: Oh, you’re old too? Well, that’s cool. That makes me feel better.

N, looking at me: Oh, yeah, you look like you’re MY year! ’06?!?

Me, outwardly amused and inwardly incredibly sad: ’06 of…what? 2006? From undergrad?

N, nodding eagerly: yeah!

Oh, dear, oh dear. Nooooooooooooooo.

And LAST week, Ludacris (whoo! in the public bathroom, in the back of the classroom, however you want it, lover lover gonna…yeah, that Ludacris) came on the music that is playing on the lab stereo (have I mentioned how o-chem lab is, like, a whole new world? Like wow, Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more? I meant to mention it before, but this is good enough. We have approximately 50 knobs at every bench and we each get a fume hood and there are massive tanks of, like, hexane. And ether. And we play music and talk about fun things all day. Orgo lab is awesome), and my very snotty lab partner (and heaven help me if she ever befriends me on FB and finds this blog) says, “Oh, my, Gawd. This song is, like, SO OLD. I think I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL when this came out.”

Yeah. Ludacris was really hot in my senior year of college. Was it really that long ago?!?

So I’ve been busy. How have y’all been?

Summer is going by so quickly!!!