I think the song is actually “monday, monday”…isn’t it?

I have an exam every Monday morning at 8:00 am. That means that I have a crappy weekend every. weekend. Yay.

Here is what I’m learning now:

NAS: ——-

EAS: ++++++

EWG: NO2 or C=O + good LG in the right position = NAS

EDG: O/P or M, all have ++++ resonance = they’re EAS

I THINK that’s right.

This is the stuff that awesome summers are made of.

In other news, as I was procrastinating, staring at my notes and wondering why, oh, why, I am the 29-year old moron who chose to take this class, the doorbell rang and Little went nuts. It was these people, asking for money.

Why do I now feel like I am supporting John McCain? (I’m not. I swear. I am not. Although I do feel like if he wins, it is because the Democrats are morons, not because the Republicans are so awesome. Hell-oooo. I think the last 8 years have basically given the Democrats the election on a silver platter, barring any massive stupidity. I might be simplifying it a bit here, but seriously…)

She was effective, that young girl.

I think my life is being overrun by 18- and 19-year old people.

**In order, starting from the first acronym: Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution, Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution, Electron Withdrawing group: Nitro, carbonyl, Leaving Group, Nuke Aromatic Sub, Electron Donating Group: Ortho/Para, Meta, Electro Aromatic Sub.

I even have a nifty little chart that is awesome that talks about Alcohols and carbonyls. Because I love you all, I am going to give it to you (ok, ok, it’s also because if I type it out, it goes in my memory immediately):

C=O —-> NaBH4, MeOH —> OH-C —–> H2SO4 —-> alkene —>OsO4, H2O (my fave) —> diol

If I have time, I’ll scan it in. Trust me, it’s amazing. You will be forever addicted to my incredible orgo scans. It can go backwards, too, but I don’t have time to write that out.

PPS:  I realized after reviewing this post that I used the word “moron” twice in the first few sentences.  Ha!  I guess that is my insult of choice (IOC) today…it was better than the other word I was thinking of, which would have cost me on the cuss-o-meter.

Yeah…I need to not write on this thing any more.  I think my next post will be about the FBI.  Today is a day where I am not feeling warm-and-fuzzy about the FBI, since DB had a vacation ALL WEEK and guess where he spent yesterday and today?  (That would be Saturday and Sunday for those of you who read infrequently.)  The office.  On the weekend OF HIS VACATION.  Although he is always on call, 24/7/365, it is virtually unheard-of for him to be in the office on a weekend of a vacation week.

I hate bad guys who offend between 5:00 pm Friday and 8:00 am Monday.  Seriously, guys.  Go break the law during business hours, ok?