OK, I have a really dorky question.

Hypothetically, of course.

We may or may not be thinking of getting a Wii Fit because we may or may not think that it might be fun.  Possibly.  Even at our old, rickety ages.

Those of you who have these:  how much did you spend, can I ask?  There seem to be a range of (expensive) prices.  And where did you get it?  And do you buy it in two parts or one package?

The last video game system I had was (cough) a Nintendo (no, not Super Nintendo.  Like the old school one.  When little Mario and Luigi were flat) and DB’s was even worse:  a Sega.  But I have this vision of us doing yoga together on the floor of our living room.  (DORK!  DORK!)

(Somehow I think that this isn’t exactly DB’s vision for this thing…I think his has more to do with taking airswipes or driving an aircar or something, although he did say that he sucks at Guitar Hero so that’s out.  Phew!)

So…what’s the story?  Tell me and maybe I’ll invite you over to a dorky yoga party (with cookie dough and french fries.  Ha!)