I have been thinking…and thinking…and thinking about this post, debating whether to write it, and I am just so fed up that now I am.

Let me preface this by stating that I realize that I am not going to sound like the world’s nicest person in this post. I’m really sorry, and I hope the rest of this blog makes you all realize that I am honestly a nice person, but it has been a really, really, really, REALLY long summer. Filled with people who just became eligible to vote. Filled with people who still send little notes to classmates with “do you want to kiss me? Check ‘YES’ or ‘NO'”. (As a total aside, one of my friends just received the FB equivalent of the “do you want to date me?” note. We were puzzling over how to respond to that. Was he serious? I mean, if you were, get a life, buddy! This guy is a 3rd year medical resident…clearly old enough to have developed some sort of social skills by now…right?)

This morning, I watched as two girls – my CLASSMATES – played some sort of hand-game (like down by the banks of the hanky-panky-style hand game) to decide something they probably deemed vitally important to their lives (and I cannot even conceive what that was). Didn’t hanky-panky hand games end in, like, 3rd grade?!?

And the teaching staff…well, the teaching staff is all 22. They all just graduated from this fine institution of higher learning (my discussion of that is imminent – like see PW-protected next post. Email me for PW), which means they have very, very, very, very inflated heads. Like so inflated that I swear I could POP it with a needle inflated. Their sense of self-importance is so incredibly…amplified. Painfully so.

I started this class with a very happy feeling. It was going to be great! I was going to embrace it! I was going to learn! Yay, new version of chemistry! And for the most part, the embracing went well. I did well on the first exam, completely bombed the second, and have been studying roughly 80-100 hours/week since then to squeak by. So yeah, it’s been a little harder than I thought it would be. I was a moron who thought people exaggerated about how hard organic chem was. I have no better excuse than that – I was a moron.

But my ineptitude in this class didn’t really squish my attitude, honestly. I just kept on trucking. I got tutors. I asked for help. I bought more books on this subject than I’ve ever purchased for any class, EVER. I made some friends, didn’t get super depressed when I studied my butt off and got…a 69% (that was a true celebration, believe it or not), and in general, was still pretty joyous. Yay! Orgo!

OK, joy is ending.

I can’t handle the hanky-panky.

I can’t handle the snotty, bratty rich kids that CLEARLY know EVERYTHING (aka many students in my discussion section. Also my mean lab partner, who just thinks she is God’s personal gift to our lab. I will not even get started on her.)

Case in point: one of the lab TAs. My nice partner (there are three of us – someone wisely withdrew from the class in the 2nd week) noticed a few weeks ago that he had a nice body. I did not notice, because I do not pay attention. (I might be the only woman on the planet who does not actually inspect the bodies of random guys, but I don’t. I love my husband. He’s awesome. The end on that one.) So I said, “oh, didn’t notice.”

Fast forward to the point at which a girl pours Very Strong Acid all over herself (which I will not disparage – I have no doubt that I am fully capable of an equivalent feat), and Hot Bod TA runs over to the coat area, pulls out someone’s fleece (random fleece), yells, “WHOSE IS THIS?!?” and proceeds to rip off HIS t-shirt, make the girl put it on, and strut around topless in the lab while he found out whose jacket it was that he could put on to cover himself.

Never mind that there are scrubs NEXT TO THE COATS that are FOR THIS PURPOSE (to clothe clumsy people, not to clothe egotistical teaching staff).

I have two more weeks. I think I might go insane.

P.S.  I know that it is possible that these people may be my classmates in med school, should that plan go to fruition.  Fortunately, I have found some nice, mature undergraduates along with my obnoxious ones, and it does give me hope that med school is slightly more diverse and tolerable from the perspective of peer relationships.  Plus, I think some of these kids need more time to percolate, and I am hoping with time, they will have improved.

And yes, I meant percolate.  Like coffee.  I was going to use incubate but decided against it.

And I really just want to have babies.  There, I said it.  Babies.  Multiple offspring.  At once.  And I got some not so good news about Kyrgyzstan (a few weeks ago) and I am just not letting myself process it now, because, frankly, I do not have time.  So for those of you looking for an adoption update, there is none, because I have been so completely immersed in this class that I haven’t had much time to get to it.  My time is spent either a) studying, b) spending time with DB, who has only been back for 2 weeks (and we have only seen each other for about 3 hours/day, if that), or c) sleeping.  In August/September, we will get busy with our family expansion plans.  So there’s a lot to look forward to!  🙂