Let’s talk about parking.  Let’s all take bets.

I don’t know what the winner will win…well, hopefully the winner will be me, and I won a new free parking spot.  I think the winner will just have the joy of knowing s/he is right.  (I know other blog owners – those who actually HAVE traffic – have giveaways and such.  I a) do not have the money, and b) do not have the post office skills.  Maybe someday when I’m a bigger, better, more focused blogger, right?)

So here’s the deal:  I parked in an ambiguous parking spot.  I hemmed and hawed and made some phone calls, and decided to chance it.  Do you a) think i will get a parking ticket, or b) think I’ve found the newest, greatest, free parking spot?

Here is the set-up, from one intersection to the next:

-First street sign:  “No parking <—” (pointing to curb), sign about not parking during street cleaning (not today)
-My car
-Room for 1.5 other cars if they are only ballsy enough to join me
-Next sign:  “No parking —>” (pointing to driveway)
-Next sign:  “No parking <—” (to driveway)
(another driveway, and another sign indicating that you can’t park in front of the driveway – like, duh)
-Car, car, car, car, car
-Next sign:  “PERMIT PARKING ONLY <—->” “No parking during street cleaning”, and “no parking —>” to intersection

OK, what do we think?

Things you should know:

This city is absolutely obsessive about street signs – we do. not. leave. any. driveway. unmarked.

Every other driveway in the four-block radius (one block in each direction – and yes, I actually checked) has a “permit only” sign in some capacity next to the “don’t park in front of the driveway” sign.

On the intersecting street closest to my car, there is a similarly marked cluster of 2 cars, one of whom is lacking a resident parking sticker, has no parking tickets, and appears to be parked there for a while (with tree sap and stuff on the hood).

Vote:  ticket or new free happy coveted parking spot?  I’ll update the blog tonight when I find out (at 11ish).

P.S. You may actually be wondering WHY I drove.  See, here’s the thing.  I am taking this crazy class, and tonight is my late lab night (didn’t make it last night – long story), so I will not be done until 11.  DB usually comes to pick me up for this night.  HOWEVER, I very sagely realized at 7:00 am today that  it does not behoove the environment (or our gas bill) for me to take public transportation if he is just going to drive to pick me up – it is the same. distance. either way!

So…I drove.

I will also say – there is no perfect way to get where I am going in this place.  Driving and public transport take roughly the same amount of time, depending on the time of day.  Driving requires me to babysit the car if I don’t find an awesome permit-free, meter-free spot.  Public transit requires me to leave at a reasonable hour (otherwise it’s dangerous) and a few weeks ago made me LATE to one of the major exams (it just stopped!!  WTH?!?)  Both options pretty much suck.

PPS.  You will notice that this is filed under “environmentalist drama queen”.  That is because I am the laziest environmentalist under the sun.  I am all about cloth bags and recycling, but…yeah.  Have I mentioned how much I really want one of these?  Even a very cheap knock-off from 1965 would be fine…