This wasn’t the chart I talked about earlier – sorry. That one is probably in the trash now. But this is one (of two) that are going to be immortalized. On the internet. Yee-haw…feel the excitement? I know I do.

The other one is more complicated (some might say unnecessarily so) so I am withholding it until I can figure out what I like about it. This one, though – this one is a classic. And although I have YET to get a hit for “orgo study sheets” or the like, I am sure I will eventually, and if not, this will help with the MCAT (if I ever take it. If I ever pass this exam.)

Oh, yeah, the chart: it is how to add stuff to benzene rings. I’m quite certain it will become a chart that will be pertinent and relevant and entirely useful for ALL of you, and you will wonder how you ever got by without such a chart before. Well, I’m here to help you out! Just in case you forgot, benzene rings are those are six-sided rings that have double bonds everywhere. See? I’ve learned something. That’s even my handwriting there. I did borrow liberally from other sources, but I’m learning quickly that in science, everything is borrowed liberally from other sources. It’s all FACT. Something that, in social science, is an improbability (seriously, can you pick up a book on international relations and have it say the exact. same. thing? Nope. Chances are, in fact, that it will say something that completely disputes the last thing you read on exactly. that. topic.) At any rate, what am I supposed to do? Come up with a new way to add nitrile to a benzene ring?!?

OK, and also, I have no idea how to make this rotate. It’s rotated on my screen but it comes up not-rotated on here. Since I doubt any of you will actually click on the picture, I’m leaving it as is. 🙂

Back to studying.