Actually, it’s more DB’s boss, I must say.

So my Facebook status reads: “Rachel and the FBI: Not BFF right now.” DB thought that was funny. I think it’s a little muted.

I have a HUGE exam on Thursday. Like I don’t usually get upset or stressed about exams, but since I have been working my BUTT off all summer, and I am so bad at this subject, I am a little stressed, mostly because I need to be much smarter by the time I take this test and it will take a LOT of brainpower to get there! (Have I mentioned how challenged I am in this?) Somehow I managed to earn a somewhat respectable grade going into the final – don’t ask me how. But I am determined to keep it there.

Then, DB calls yesterday from work. He’s a little nervous. I can tell.

He says, “I have to go to (another big city near us).”

Me: When?

Him: “Tomorrow.”


Is it too much to ask that my husband sticks around for a full month, especially when I am very very busy and he has basically been gone for 50% of the last year?!? (That is not an exaggeration.)

To put this in perspective, he only has to go for one day, the guy he’s going with just had his second baby two weeks ago (and that guy has to stay until Friday – yes, his wife is equally pissed – actually, I’d hazard a guess that she’s more pissed), and DB states that he really cannot add any value by going. This falls on deaf ears.

Rachel and DB’s new boss: also not BFF right now. (I do not know this guy at all, and I’m sure he’s nice, but right now we are not on perfect terms. Kind of like…well, Russia and the U.S.)

There are some other neuroses that this brings up that are directly related to the path that I am taking this stupid chemistry class for, namely the fact that my current plan is to go to med school (where there are much more stringent expectations, so I’ve heard) while we have children (who definitely have more stringent expectations of us) and if this job is going to continue to require DB to pick up and leave, how is this going to work? Because I’m pretty sure that *my* job, too, will require me to pick up and leave. And I am also pretty sure that it is a Bad Idea to leave children unattended for any period of time, particularly babies.

I am not going to think about that until Thursday at noon (I’m good at compartmentalizing like that.) But it is something to think about. DB promised that he wouldn’t travel for a long time, but…yeah. So how is it that two people have demanding jobs, stay married, and have well-adjusted kids?

(Don’t worry.  We’re staying married.  It’s the other two things I’m concerned about.)