when DB leaves town!

P.S. I am sharing evidence of my very slob-like study habits with the internet, although you will notice some cropping of said mess. Don’t judge. With the exception of these posts and walking Little, I’ve studied for…a long time today!

(I think it is hilarious how he is sitting on the remote control to the TV – the TV that hasn’t been turned on in days. Olympics? What Olympics?)

(This is basically the same shot. I cropped the part where there are piles of paper stacked along the couch.)

(And yes, those are my notes. My to-do list and notes on how to make amines. He will use anything for a pillow.)

And with that…I am taking some benedryl and going to sleep. The benedryl is for the MULTIPLE MOSQUITO BITES I got on my FACE last night. And how did the mosquitoes get in our place, you might ask?


DB was home alone a few weeks ago. He needed something in the basement, so he left the dog and cat in the house with the back door open while he ran downstairs.

As he was leaving, he heard a hiss (like from a cat), then the door slammed shut.

Little was on DB’s side of the door. The cat was on the other.

(You should start to giggle at this point.)

Although there were no human witnesses, it would appear that, yes, my 12-year old cat slammed the door in anger. And Little and DB were the unfortunate victims.

But wait! The story gets better.

So DB heads outside to try to figure out how to get back inside. He didn’t have a leash for Little, because Little wasn’t supposed to be outside. I guess he put Little in the back hallway with the screen door open.

Little apparently took a note from the cat. He, too, slammed the back (permanent) door (to the outside) shut.

So here we have:

DB outside.

Little in the back hallway (of our three-unit condo).

Cat inside.

Problem much?

So DB found a ladder (somewhere – maybe at a neighbors?), climbed up, broke a window pane (in the glass door to our porch), and busted open the door.

Open window = mosquitoes.

The funny thing is: I asked him to buy a lockbox (to house the key outside) the day before, but he forgot.

PPS.  Whoever says that our couch is hideously ugly and we desperately need a new one gets to help us name our first-born child.  Any takers?  Please?  It is the ugliest thing ever…it is DB’s couch from his bachelor days and it will. not. die.

We will be 90 before I feel that we can ethically buy a new couch!