I think I’ve already blogged about this topic before: guns. I know I mentioned in that post that all agents have to qualify on the handgun, as well as other guns (like the sawed-off shotgun, which has a real name that I don’t know, and the big semi-automatic machine gun gun, ETC), every quarter. Well, today is the day for DB. He headed back to the firing range (? – shooting range? what the heck does he call that?) today.

So here is a funny insight into our lives here: when DB goes to the firing range, I always keep my phone on, next to me, with an audible ringer (it might be the only time in my year that I turn the ringer on – I HATE phone ringers, and my phone is always on vibrate. Which might explain why I sometimes don’t answer the phone. Anyway, I digress) just in case he SHOOTS HIMSELF. Yes, seriously. Because when he was in the academy a while ago, a classmate of his SHOT HIMSELF! In the leg! withdrew the gun from his holster, pulled up to get a good target, and in the process, his finger was ON THE TRIGGER AND HE SHOT HIMSELF IN THE LEG. VERY CLOSE TO OTHER ANATOMY! He barely missed hitting his own artery (it went through his thigh, and hit his lower calf) and he is okay, but OH MY GOSH CAN YOU IMAGINE?!? So I just keep my phone on.

I know this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in my lovely husband, and I swear, he’s never shot himself, or come remotely close to shooting anything he’s not supposed to shoot, and he’s actually really good, like in the category of shooting 98%-the-right-target-out of 100%, which is a HELL of a lot better than I have ever done at…anything, but I feel like that gun is just the world’s most unpredictable, rogue piece of equipment EVER.

OK, there, I said it.

Last night DB wanted to practice “trigger pulls” with the gun completely unloaded and a dime on top (to practice pulling the trigger evenly, so as to improve the odds of hitting the target…maybe I will ask him to write a blog piece on this, since I am demonstrating how much I space out when we talk about this) but I freaked out. (I don’t know where I think any ejected bullets would COME FROM in an UNLOADED gun…ever since I found out that there is always one in the ready-to-fire chamber, it has freaked me out entirely.) He went to the firing range to practice.

I know that is a totally boring blog post, but there is nothing fun happening here! I’m reading about everyone’s awesome vacations and plotting our own. Travelocity has great “last minute deals” to go lots of places (like…well, lots of places) so I’m trying to decide where we could afford to go. Also, we are heading to DC for the week before labor day – DB has training or something – so we’re trying to figure out if we could go camping or something in that area. Ideas? We are not campers but we think we could be. Ha!