There are a lot of exciting things going on in the world of Rachel and DB.

First, we are not in our home city. That in itself is a huge thrill, since I hadn’t really left it since March (and I am not the kind of person who likes being in one place for a long time). (And I think of March – August as a REALLY long time.) Little, DB, and I are hanging out in our nation’s capital for the week (well, DB is working). I am finding ways to procrastinate even without course work – I’m a rock. star. of procrastination.

Little is getting groomed today. Hallelujah! He doesn’t shed, so he gets pretty shaggy. He usually wait until the last possible second, but this time we’re doing it a little ahead of schedule because….

We’re going camping!!!

And he (Little) is black, and gets lots of ticks here, and I want to be able to find them through his thick coat. So off with it, today.

Camping!! is a big excitement. I have this insanely romantic expectation for camping (!!). It includes sleeping bundled in a sleeping bag, looking up through the tent at stars, making very yummy s’mores (this is especially exciting, since I was a vegetarian for so long and just recently started eating meat. Marshmallows are not vegetarian, so it was always a little sad when I ate marshmallow fluff and everyone else got yummy, gooey, marshmallows…yum), and looking up and seeing stars. Lots and lots of stars.

Notice that I did not talk about bugs, how we will set UP the tent, just how wet we might be if it RAINS through our lovely screen roof, or anything remotely negative. You see, I have an entirely idealistic and naive view of camping. The last time I went camping was…drumroll…

Well, I went winter camping in the UP of Michigan a few years ago with juvenile offenders. That doesn’t count because it was friggin’ FREEZING and one of us had to stay up all night to watch the kids. (Note: no bugs. Nothing can live a happy life in that kind of cold.)

Before that, I went to girl scout camp, ate PB&J, and drank bug juice. That doesn’t count because…well, it doesn’t. I don’t really remember the bugs but I do remember the massive spider in the corner that I spent a full night watching in mortal fear that it might jump and eat me, or worse, jump into my mouth and I would SWALLOW IT. (I actually did not know that was a myth until I googled it now.)

And, before that, when I was 6 or 7, my family went to Jellystone Park and I got pinkeye. And really, all I remember from that trip was screaming and hollering while my poor parents tried to get the goopy antibiotics into my eyes.

Oh, wait, and there was the time that I went to Girl Scout camp in England (I lived in in England – no, I wasn’t some sort of Girl Scout freak that traveled the world and sought out new Girl Scouts to befriend. And in England, they are called Girl Guides, but I was an American so we had Girl Scouts with other little American girls) and we stayed in cabins (thus making this not count, either) and we went swimming and it was, like, 40*F and we wanted to dry out our bathing suits so we put them on the ELECTRIC HEATER IN THE ROOM. And the result was exactly what you’d expect. I don’t remember any huge fall-out from it, so I guess the fire was small, but that was not my best, shiningest moment.

And THAT is all of my camping experience.

Undeterred, of course, I think I’ve found the best thing ever. When DB and I were trying to figure out how to go on vacation while spending as little money as possible, we realized that camping would be cheap, especially since we have this gargantuan mansion-tent (it is a really long story as to how we obtained this tent, and it’s not all that interesting. Just suffice it to say that we suck at returning things and it was the tent that my brother and SIL registered for, and we underestimated my ability to fly to Texas with it). But then we started wondering – what on Earth to people DO when they camp? Everything we’d ever heard of people doing (eating, singing kumbayah, sleeping) takes place at night. So what do you do during the day?

We were so excited to find this, until we actually read it (it must be directed to a different crowd…right?).

So what do YOU do during camping, aside from hatchet throwing or wood carvings? (C’mon, admit it, you know you do. And we are already purchasing our rope for knot-tying practice.) And while you’re at it, what do you eat? I do not eat any meat other than the ground-up beef kind, and we have no cooking supplies so ideally, every meal will require a fire and foil. Not kidding. Any recommendations? Otherwise we might be eating a whole lot of s’mores, and we’re bringing my youngest, largest, hungriest brother with us. 🙂 To kill the spiders, of course.


P.S. We’re going to a place with hiking and a beach, so we figure if we get bored with the lean-to building, we can always check those out, right?

P.P.S. Tomorrow is my self-imposed decision deadline. Check back then for updates! We are going out for a nice dinner to celebrate the decision…because just making the decision is a Big Huge Deal.