Can I just say WOW?!?

We go away for two days and HOLY MOLY, politics turns a corner.

I have so. much. to say on the recent happenings. It’s, like, Christmas to me right now. I have incredibly strong views on people and topics that I haven’t gotten to think of in years except to myself in my own head, AND they are topics that *everyone* has a strong opinion about, so I get to read different opinions and get angry or celebrate. ALL IN MY LIVING ROOM.

I am going to write everything I am thinking this afternoon, but right now I need to go up to school, drop out, and swallow my vomit. I’ll write more about my decision after I’ve made it more public with the powers-that-be – the last thing I want to do in this is burn bridges.

And I also have some very key observations about camping. Here’s one: the melting point of aluminum is 1220*F, and the temperature of a wood fire and starter (contents of starter unknown at this time) is significantly higher. Result? Exactly what you’d expect (pictures forthcoming).

My last parting comments:

1) Abstinence-based education does not work! It is not effective! Giving condoms to kids does not make the sexually active, and the highest rates of pregnancy, STIs, and sexual violence are AMONG evangelical Christians! *I* am one such Christian, and *I* have a strong belief that we need to keep our kids safe and able to make THEIR OWN DECISIONS. WITH KNOWLEDGE. (And I will cite things that support these facts – when I have more time.)

2) Barack Obama is not God. He is not Jesus. He is not someone to worship. Just because I do not bow down and cling to his every word does not mean I am a McCain/Palin supporter.

3) OHMYGOSH I am going to get started on the family values (Family Values huh?!?!?!) and the current debate but I am feeling my blood BOIL and I really need to go!!!

4) OK, I’ll bite. WOW the Palin family has a lot going on. It seems that the McCain campaign is REALLY eager to point out the CHOICES that they are making and have made. Isn’t it nice, the right to make those CHOICES?!?

I am not going to judge the Palin family for those choices, just as I would not assume to make those choices for them. On the same token, I’d strongly appreciate it the party associated with that family does not attempt to make choices for me or any other person in America regarding what I am prepared to carry to term and raise and parent. Sarah Palin – and her daughter – have the money, resources, and support to carry a baby with special needs and find babysitters so she can pursue her career, and her daughter clearly (if only for political reasons) has the support to carry her pregnancy to term. Doesn’t EVERYONE have those resources, power, money, and support? WTH not?!?

OK…I’m off for the moment.