And, in the spirit of oversharing…

So this post has nothing to do with reproduction, God, or anything else that I promised. I will write that one later (I really will). But it was so funny when I told the story yesterday that I thought the Internet should know.

DB and I have this long-standing heated discussion concerning laundry. Specifically, I am adamant that he should clean out his pockets BEFORE those pockets make it into the laundry pile. (His previous method was to empty his pockets as he threw each item of clothing into the wash. This bothered me immensely, on so many levels…especially considering the fact that most of the contents of his pockets are TRASH, why must we STORE TRASH in the laundry basket?!?) At any rate, we’ve made considerable progress on this front.

So I have some time off this week (who are we kidding. I have a lot of time off every week these days – no classes, and the most part-time job of all part-time jobs) and I threw his laundry in the washing machine. I didn’t even look at what I was throwing in, that’s how much I trusted DB’s pocket-clearing efforts.


So I go to move the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer, and there was white, fluffy (wet) cotton all over the place. Like a sheep blew up in there. It was so weird! And then I started to get mad at DB, because I thought he’d left a Kleenex in there or something (eww.) But, see, a Kleenex doesn’t procreate quite in that way.

I kept digging, and I found…a tampon.

And another tampon.

And another tampon.

All nicely puffed up and absorbing as much water as a tampon could possibly hold.

I probably pulled out like 10 tampons, and I decided just to dry the whole load and see what came out.

I pulled another 10+ tampons out of the dried load, all nice and fluffy.

I. washed. a. whole. box. of. ob. tampons!!! (No applicator.)

So now it looks like we sheared a sheep all over our house – no matter how much I vacuum, there is always a piece of tampon. It seriously looks like a hamster met a sheep, sheared it, and set up camp in our living room.


P.S. I wanted to show a picture, but DB told me that was insane.  I decided he was probably right.