He’s been living in our house for 2.5 YEARS.

For every minute of those 2.5 years, he’s coexisted with our CAT.

Today, for the SECOND TIME in TWO AND A HALF YEARS (the first time was when he was a puppy, and that was excusable…and didn’t happen again after he realized that was a Very Bad Idea), he MINED THE LITTER BOX!!!!!!!!!

What the heck, dude?

I could hear this scritch-scritch-scritch noise in the kitchen, and a little tiny thought entered my brain – “that sounds like Little is trying to bury something.  Actually, it sounds like he’s messing around with the litter box.”  And then I thought, “Naw.  That’s RIDICULOUS. He’s probably just sniffing around.  He knows not to touch the litter box.

I am a moron!

He came bounding out of the kitchen to joyously show me his nose, totally encrusted with litter, like “hey!  Check!  It!  Out!  A SNACK!”

I busted that bubble kind of fast.  I screamed bloody murder and sprayed him with our outdoor hose to blast off some of the litter.

How gross.  GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love him so much, but holy hell, that is GROSS!

(I think what he was doing was burying the poop.  He does this thing when he really loves something we’re eating – he’ll try to “bury” it with his nose by pushing his nose toward the object of his affection.  It’s hilarious, actually.  I think he was trying to use the clumps of litter to bury the poop in the box.  Do other dogs do this?  Was he just trying to help out the cat?

Why do I have such odd animals?!?)

Just because he’s kind of cute eating his bone…this was not from today. Today he is not cute.