Among other news.

If you didn’t read my comment to my commenters, he DID try to sneak another visit to the litter box yesterday afternoon while I was cleaning, BUT I redirected that effort…very quickly. We haven’t revisited the behavior since.

In other news from my couch, I am rapidly finishing my CEUs for my profession. They are insanely easy and I am beginning to wonder if ALL CEUs for my profession are this easy, or I just picked the jackpot. I have been dreading this for the last few weeks (when I’ve known I need to do them) and I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised. I don’t feel like my education is being continued, but…it sure beats sitting in a classroom for 8 hours (and paying $500 to do it). Go ahead, ask me anything about various mental health diagnoses. (I especially liked the one about autism spectrum disorders. I started with that one as a warm-up. It made me feel really smart.)

(The only reason I say this, for anyone who randomly surfed here, is that that is my JOB. If I couldn’t pass that, I’d be in deep trouble.)

I have lots of deep thoughts rumbling around in my brain, but I can’t really articulate them.

This past weekend, we went to California. We had a CRAZY trip: we flew into SFO, rented a (tiny, golf-cart-sized) convertible:

Then we ate at the In-N-Out.


Then we drove to Yosemite (est. time: 4 hours. Actual time: 7 hours):

Camped in a tent-cabin:

Then mailed BACK our sleeping bags and dirty laundry (best $40 ever. spent. EVER. That car was SO DAMN SMALL!!!!) Although it was a little insane, it worked out well. 🙂

Then we went hiking:

And saw some nature:

(None of these people are us.  We are in other pictures that will be revealed in due time under a password.)

And we visited the site of DB’s 2001 brush with death, when he defied this sign:

(My feet, when DB was doing a re-enactment…photographing the re-enactment required the removal of footwear.)

After hiking and seeing big trees, we headed back to San Fran:

In San Fran, we saw some seals (DB imitated them with scary accuracy):

And some obligatory landmarks:

And then flew home.

It was a great two days. 🙂

And now we are home, and doing CEUs!