You know, I’ve been writing blog posts in my head for a while now, but I do not feel like writing them.

I feel like bulleting a bunch of random thoughts and then at some point, in the future (I’d say near future, but I am hopeful that someone will give me something to do, and it will be longer than that) I’ll flesh them out.

BUT, instead, you get to hear the excitement of my day so far:

We! have! neighbors!

New ones!

They chirp and sing right. next. to. our. living. room. window!

Yes, that’s right.  A family of birds (hopefully pigeons, because I have less sympathy for pigeons than any other type of bird – in fact, if it’s another type of bird I will not be able to do anything about this infiltration, because that’s NATURE, and we don’t interfere with NATURE.  Pigeons, on the other hand, are vermin.  Flying rats.  I know that is a cruel, heartless thing to say, but you-who-think-that do not live in the city.  OK?  Vermin.) – ok, starting that sentence again.  A family of birds set up camp in our windowsill, next to the window-air-conditioning unit.

We live in a place that really only requires A/C for MAYBE a week out of every year.  One. week.  I’ve honestly never thought much about it, except our new neighbors make central air look really…awesome.

In other things that are rumbling around my head:

  1. This is interesting – there is a bullet option on wordpress!  And it works pretty well!
  2. I just got an email suggesting I join my state’s InternationalAdoptXX (where XX is the state) group to find homestudy agencies.  The funny thing is – I tried that, but the woman who owns that list is the same one who owns the country list, and she seems to have some computer problems.  Actually, I would not say they are computer problems, but I was sent an email that I was rejected from joining the list.  Which, I will say, is kind of funny, because I am not exactly a threat to anything.  Anyway, I have yet to join that list.  It’s a headache.  I’ll join the list eventually.
  3. Actually, I might not, because I applied for a job at a (whoa, boy) adoption agency.  A reputable one.  Which would mean I would have to leave some of the lists that I’m on.  That bothers me, because we are *still* planning on adopting and need all the research we can get on agencies.  So here’s my question:  will one of you AAR members post my questions for me if I get this job?  (Yes, I could stay on the list, but that would be UNETHICAL.  And I, folks, am ETHICAL.  TOO ethical, actually.)
  4. Yes, I really need a job!!  Badly!  My VERY LAST INTERVIEW was last week!  It really hit home to me how much it sucks to get old.  (I thought this in deeper ways at the time.)  The person I interviewed was the sole caregiver for a grown son with autism (very profound) and a husband with Alzheimers.  I had to keep reminding myself that I need boundaries, Rachel, boundaries.  (Did I already blog about this?  Obviously it’s on my mind.)
  5. This interview ALSO highlighted for me how far public education has come.  The adult son is now in his late 50s, and he wasn’t ALLOWED (ok, this is by her report.  I will admit to not doing any outside research on this) to attend public school because he had autism.  That is unbelievable to me.  As a child, he would just run around outside and stim on the telephone lines above the road.  (Like, he’d run for miles along the telephone lines.  Different times, people.)  I realize that we institutionalized people very quickly 50 years ago, but I never thought about the parents who refused to place their children in an institution.
  6. I will post pictures of our little California trip.  We had fun.  It’s kind of a pain to upload pictures (no it’s not, really, but I am SO LAZY) and my computer is not behaving well (that is true.  I do not know what all the hype is about Macs!  I am not. a. fan!  But I do like my ipod.  A whole lot.)
  7. And, finally, I really do keep meaning to write about voting.  And issues.  And how I see those issues.  Because honestly, I see my views on issues as being directly influenced by my (religious) beliefs.  HOWEVER, given the outpouring of interest in my LAST post, I am not so sure I want to write this!  (In fact, as soon as I posted that, I halved my number of hits.  That’s kinda funny.)  But I still find it interesting, so I guess I will.

OK, that’s all.  I got some sad news a few weeks ago, and I’m not the best at coming up with unrelated things when that’s really all my brain thinks about.  Hope your weeks are going well!