I am working frantically to finish physics labs (WHOOPS – that should have happened this weekend) but wanted to post quickly about passwords – I am actually trying to consolidate some of them. The PW-protected post below is the same PW that was used for recent posts – the second-to-last posts with pictures and locations. If you are confused, or would like the PW, please shoot me an email/leave a comment. There are lots of you that I try to remember when I send out an email, but sometimes I accidentally leave people off the message (not intentional).

If you have cookies enabled and had the PW previously, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Hope that’s clear! Back to physics.

P.S. Funny story: In college, DB was part of a group that some girls termed the “Nerd Herd”. He did not learn of this nickname until his 10-year reunion a couple of years ago, and I teased him mercilessly until I realized that he was actually mildly offended by this nickname. (But seriously. Who gets a 3.9xx/4.0 in ENGINEERING?!?)

Anyway, scroll forward to present day, when I am taking undergrad physics and hating every minute. *I* am certainly not part of the Nerd Herd, but man, am I glad I married one of its members. 16 years after he took the class, he *still* remembers the problems, the terminology, everything. And no, it’s nothing useful in daily life. It’s, like, minutiae.

I find this memory of his amazing. (And I cannot emphasize how thankful I am.)

Contrast that with my economics degree…and I would really like to remember that information about financial markets right about now. Wouldn’t THAT be useful when the Dow is tanking day…after day…after day?!?

If we have bio kids, let’s hope they are blessed with Daddy’s corrugated-steel-vault-brain and not Mommy’s sieve-brain!