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(This is what DB and I do for fun.  We look at dorky ways to give me credentials.  Once, I even got a badge to get into a conference because they couldn’t figure out who I was.  HA!)

ALSO! If you are the activist type, consider writing to your congressperson and/or Senator in favor of S. 3941 (Senate) or HR 5791 (House):  The Federal Employee Paid Parental Leave Act of 2008.  You can read more about it HERE.  It would appear that similar versions of this bill have died (re: 2006, 2007), and it would be a Really Great Thing for it to pass.

This bill evens the benefits playing field between the government and the private sector.  Many positions in the private sector (as I am sure many of you know) offer paid maternity and paternity leave; however, in the Federal government, employees must take sick leave after giving birth or adopting a child.  MOREOVER, many positions (such as at the FBI) require Agents to petition to work elsewhere to supplement income, but these petitions are almost always denied.  Therefore, this is one way to improve the working conditions of those who work in the government and ensure that the most qualified people stay there.

(This dovetails onto my previous posts (see #10) about salaries.  I plan to write one more about this…after my physics test tomorrow.)

If you’re looking for something to say, here is what I wrote to my congressperson and Senators.  If you choose to use it, I’d suggest changing the first line of the second paragraph to read something like, “In the FBI, for example, there are many agents with advanced law degrees that must continually wrestle between working for the public and private sectors; the private sector does not compete with the salaries offered in the Federal government.”  You could also discuss the many other agencies in the government that will similarly benefit from this bill.

Dear Senator So-and-So,

I would like to urge you to support S. 3140, the Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act of 2008.  This Act provides much-needed maternity and paternity leave for the women and men serving with our government.

My husband is a Special Agent with the FBI.  He also has a law degree.  Every day, we wrestle with the temptations of turning to lucrative private practice, which cannot compete with his salary as an FBI Agent.

This Act will cost very little ($6.19) per average household, but it will benefit our government immeasurably and help to ensure that we retain the very best people to fight terrorism and other crimes.

Private firms already provide funded maternity and paternity leave.  Shouldn’t the Federal government attempt to compete in this arena?

Kind regards,