So…our adventures with Mighty and Mickey are long from over.

Last week, I saw that mouse, right? It just careened in from the kitchen into the hallway, in front of me, spun around, and hauled its little butt out of here.

Or so I thought.

That night, I woke up to screeching. In the walls. In our bedroom.

The next day, I went ballistic with Peppermint Extract (*Note: this is not the correct type of peppermint to spread, but I was desperate), and we replaced the dishwasher, which conveniently also broke the same day. (Basically, this weekend was devoted to dishwasher replacement and rodent fighting.) Upon removing the old dishwasher, we realized hat we forgot a hole back there, so we closed that up.

That night, I heard something eating the cat’s food, only the cat was sleeping where she always sleeps: on my head. I got up, looked, nothing there. (Then I started to seriously think that I was going insane.) I placed 5 kibbles in the middle of the floor as a test, went back to bed, and when I woke up – kibbles were gone. HOWEVER, my test was stupid, because I also dumped out the cat’s food at the same time, so she was hungry and meowing, and *she* might have been the one to eat the test kibbles…so I wasn’t sure what to do.

(However: there was wetness about the cat’s food. EWWWWWWWW mouse urine ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Yesterday, I looked down at the wall in our room, and realized that there was a hole the size of a quarter in the floorboard, and it led directly under the wall to another hole next to the closet (a hole that DB said could not possibly go anywhere…when do women get the “always right” intelligence? Pre- or post-motherhood? I think mine is already fully developed). So I took steel wool, stuffed it into both holes, and listened as the mice scratched and tried to get out of there.

Oh, you think I’m kidding, but I am not.

The final straw was yesterday, right as I was getting ready to leave to take an exam – I decided just to *check* behind my shoes (which are in the closet, which is a rather large room we will convert into a nursery when appropriate, which also currently houses the cat’s food). I don’t know why I decided to do that -but oh my goodness.

I found the nest.

IN! MY! SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These damn mice were living like Club Med in our closet!

So last night, it was Operation Shock and Awe.

I bought 30 traps: one electric shocker one, 26 snap traps of varying quality, and 2 massive glue traps for rats.

We threw out almost all of my shoes, which were tainted with mouse excrement and who knows what else. (No worries – I hadn’t worn most of them in about 4 years, and they were mostly Target specials that were on clearance that I never liked, but attempted to like because they were so cheap.)

We cleared out anything else on the floor.

We put the cat’s food on the kitchen table – a feeding method I am disgusted by, but consider the lesser of two evils. Oh, and she is no longer allowed to eat when we’re not home. Poor kitty.

And we. set. traps.

We opened up the holes I stuffed with steel wool, and surrounded the holes with traps.

DB made a little bowl of aluminum foil, and we filled it with cat kibble, honey, and a trap. We dipped cat kibbles in honey and placed them on each of the snap traps, and surrounded the Old Country Buffet with snap traps and glue traps. Then we lowered the baby gates so the animals couldn’t get in, moved out of our room into the guest room (mostly because I could not bear to hear the snapping at night – I was so convinced we’d wake up to at least 30 mice this morning) and shut the door to kill them all.

Guess how many mice we caught?



So now we are flummoxed. Just how many mice do we have here, anyway? We’ve closed out every. single. crack in this place now! We’ve checked our previously closed holes! We’ve set baited traps!

Any ideas? I am wondering if maybe the Peppermint Extract did a better job than I realized and drove them away, but I am just now finding the evidence of their stay? Except that I could hear them in the walls yesterday, and rustling in the food bowl the other night.

How often do they eat, anyway?

And I am so petrified that those squeals I heard the other night were from a mommy mouse making a family.

Did I mention how freaked out I am by mice?

Do they not like to eat where they poop? Because we put the Old Country Buffet right where they poop, but now I’m thinking that we should just put snap traps where they poop and OCB where the cat’s food was.

The cat, BTW, is furious. She’s been kind of ornery for the last few weeks (probably because she is sharing her food with mice, and they have been peeing in her food – I couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t touch this small area of her food bowl!) but now she is downright livid – we kicked her out of her food, she has to climb up on the table, and she has to share her water with the dog (we are now living in half of our living space, and there is no other way to do it. Plus, she doesn’t seem to really care that much). When we first got the dog, she ripped all of her hair out in an anxious protest – I am very concerned that she is going to resort to that now, too.

Except I’d rather have a bald cat than one with a snap trap stuck to its leg.

So everyone who wrote me about mice: what am I missing? Why didn’t we get any? Don’t they like honey and cat food? And peanut butter? And in any event – we have so many traps that it would take a VERY observant mouse to get across the closet floor without hitting one! (I set one off accidentally last night and screamed. It is really hard to avoid them.)

Also, we seem to have a difference of opinion between DB and I: I bought Peppermint Oil today (the real kind) and I am conflicted about whether to put it down now. He thinks that we should wait until we catch one. I think that we should put it everywhere we live (kitchen, living room, guest room) and leave the bedroom as the Valley of Death filled with Kibble and Honey. Any thoughts?

Help! Again! Help help!

P.S. Yes, I called an exterminator.