It’s all out war now.

The neighbors saw a live one this morning.

We found their route in our kitchen from the dishwasher to the bedroom via our cabinet.

We have depleted 2 bags of steel wool and 3 cans of GreatStuff in our mission to get the mice out, and yet, none of our 35 traps have deployed.

Our place WREAKS like Peppermint Oil. First I bought the Peppermint Extract, and then I bought 100%-don’t-use-during-pregnancy-aromatherapy (whoever uses this for that purpose is insane) Peppermint Oil. Which is supposed to help with headaches, but is making me nauseated.

Our current theory is that they escaped upstairs once we bolted down our holes, and the upstairs neighbors are not so swift at their holes, so that’s where they’re hiding. Except that the upstairs neighbors are mildly OCD and I have no doubt that the mice will quickly become bored up there.

I’m hoping they’re so bored that they run away outside, but I am a little worried that they’ll be stuck in the walls, fornicate, and chew on wires or something. I am a little bit in favor of throwing some D-Con into the wall so that they all shrivel up and die, but since we don’t know how many are back there, I’m a little wary (also a little wary of killing a neighbor pet – the downstairs cat is a farm cat mouser. Yeah, that neighbor. I’m way too nice.)


I’m also pretty sure that I am the only person who reads my own blog! Hee!

P.S. This is filed under “overwhelming fears” because that is where the mice story started, but they are no longer overwhelming. No, the current “overwhelming fear” is that a) they won’t get caught, and we’ll have a total infestation, or b) one of our animals will get stuck in one of the 80,000 snares we have around our small place. We have babygates, but…accidents happen.

But overall, I realize that I am being melodramatic. At the same time…ewww. Mice. Ewwwwww.