DB has been watching a new site for political stats:  fivethirtyeight.com.  He kept telling me to check it out, but I was too busy researching mice behavior to really open a new tab to explore it….until last night.

Holy cow!  It is a veritable bounty of statistics and polls!  It is the most awesome polling website EVER!  The author runs a regression on all of the polls in each state, weighting each polling source by its previous ability to correctly account election outcomes.  (There are several pages on the site discussing methodology and that is my quickest summary of what I skimmed.)

Screw Politico polls.  I have found a new best friend.

Go check it out!

P.S.  There are paid ads on the site that often feature the candidates.  Don’t be swayed – the site is about as free from bias as it can be (because it employs data from a number of different sources, it can only be as not-biased as the underlying polling methodology allows).

If that sentence made no sense, it’s because I am in a rush.