I’ve been meaning to write this post. On the hypocrisy of Christian conservatives and single-issue (or even multi-issue) voting. I’ve been meaning to write it, over and over and over, and things just get in the way. As a summary, in the Christian debate of Christian Coalition/Pat Robertson v. God’s Politics/Jim Wallis, I’d be on Team Jim, every day of the week and twice on Sunday. And I think you should, too. 🙂

Well, Nicki’s husband Tony at Stepping on Legos just wrote a guest post on the topic, and because I am procrastinating VERY effectively, I responded. Multiple times. If you are remotely interested in reading what I would have written (eventually – I seem to be better at responding to other people’s brilliance than generating original ideas), go check it out. His post is great and the follow-up comments are fascinating (and will become more fascinating, I’m sure, as time goes on).

(Hey, did anyone see Jon Stewart the other night? When John Hodgeman mocks him? I sound like Stewart – fascinating!)

Also, I love this article.  Please read it for more information, or food for thought on voting that is consistent with biblical Christian beliefs.  I know some people do not like Jim Wallis, but I think his message is right on.  For so long, the Christian community has been unilaterally represented (at least politically) by the Right, and the best thing Jim Wallis has done for America is restate the obvious:  God does not belong to a political party. You know how George Bush won in 2000 when evangelicals turned out in droves to support him? Remember in 2004 when Christians were told that they’d be hellbound if they voted for Kerry? You know how Christians are seen as a voting block?  Yeah, I love Sojourners for the fact that it challenges all of those assumptions and beliefs.

And NOW, I am really going to study. No time like the present. Exam on Monday.

(And yes, I am posting this because I think it’s funny that I wrote long comments about my political beliefs as a Christian and the main topic on my blog is…mice. Hee!)