Remember this post?

This is totally fascinating – if you are at all interested in that theory and in polling.

FOUR (4!) more days until election day.  I canNOT wait.  Unfortunately, I have class that night (until 9 pm!) but at least it isn’t lab night, when I have class until MIDNIGHT on Tuesdays.  Midnight!  That would be a conundrum of unimaginable proportions.  As it is, 9:00 is going to be really freaking hard.

Thanks for all of your comments and emails in recent days – it’s definitely been a good distraction from the complete and total rage I have choking back in response to an email I received yesterday – “You are a woman first and a Republican/Democrat SECOND.  If we don’t vote for Palin now, we will not have a woman in the White House in this generation.”  

Say what?!?  On an inconceivable number of levels.  Email me to tell me to vote for McPain for any number of policy positions – because you are a single issue voter (probably), or because you think War Heroes Make Good Presidents, but for the love of everything intelligent and holy, DO NOT tell me to vote for them because we could have a WOMAN in the WHITE HOUSE:

a)  she will be in the old executive office building, not the white house.  That’s obviously not the important thing, but it certainly bothered me.  Let’s be honest about where Sarah Palin will be in the inconceivable (and completely gut-wrenching) situation of that ticket wining – hopefully, far, far, far, far away from very much policy making.


c)  Try this on for size:  “Vote for Barack because he’s African-American.”  (OUCH.)  “Vote for Barack because he’s HALF-WHITE, and this is our only chance to have a HALF-ANY KIND OF RACE person in the Executive Branch.”  Or, “Vote for Hillary because she’s a woman.”  Or, “vote for Barack because he’s got big ears.”  Or…any other number of equally asinine things I could say about the skin-level details of someone’s persona.  As IF oh, wait!  THAT’S why she has that long hair?!?  THAT’S why she wears a skirt?  I just thought she was a male freak!  Thanks SO MUCH for cluing me into the details of her genitalia!  

I mean, even if you’re GONNA vote for McCain because your running mate is a female, MAKE SOMETHING ELSE UP!  And if nothing else, DON’T insult MY intelligence by telling me that’s why I should vote that way!  

The nerve!

I guess I had a lot to say about that.  What I wanted to say was this (this was the draft in my outbox that never got sent):  

This is a critical election for this country at an absolutely critical time.  One of the beautiful things about this country is that we have the right – and the obligation – to vote for the person that we feel is most qualified for this office – the person who will be best able to salvage our wrecked economy, rescue our tarnished reputation overseas, and safeguard the millions of lives lost overseas to war (both Americans and our allies), and failed health and social policies.  But to suggest that we should vote for a person solely because she has two X-chromosomes is insulting.     

What would all of you have said?  Unfortunately, this wasn’t someone I could have really fired back to, although someone else on the (massive) distribution list did, and it was everything I wanted to say – and more.

Ahh, satisfaction.  It was just as sweet coming from someone else.  

I sent her a profuse thank you note.

P.S.  This same discussion just took place on Larry King on CNN, and the guy said something like, “I”m voting for McCain because he was tortured and now he could be my President” and Larry said, “But that’s not a reason to VOTE for him,” and the guy said, “Yes it is, for me it is”.  And to that I say:  I wasn’t even going to touch that one (in my examples, above).  But if Larry says it – yeah, add it to the list.  “Vote for McCain because he served our country heroically 55 years ago.”