So DB and I have decided:  we are going to bet on this election.  (This is not illegal, FYI, for anyone who is gasping in their chair at the audacity of a federal agent to bet on an election.  I believe the stakes are going to be something like “dinner”, which essentially means that the winner gets to pick the meal or eat something that the loser made, since it’s all coming out of the same pot of money.  Just had to clear that one up.)

We decided to bet on the outcome of the election because DB said, “I think Obama is going to win by a landslide,” and I said, “I’m not so sure – I think McCain could surprise us.”  Which is mostly because I have no doubt that McCain will do better than he is polling, and I do not trust people who watch Fox News as their sole source of information.  In fact, I am watching Fox News currently – for ENTERTAINMENT.  Because its incredible commitment to slanted news is laughable.

So now we are deciding what to bet on.  I actually do not think McCain will actually *win*, but that would be a good bet for DB to put a lot of pizza on, right? has those odds in the very low range (~4%), but stranger things have happened (a la Dewey/Truman).  So *I* wanted to bet on Obama landslide vs. Obama win, no landslide (375 electoral votes; has those odds at ~40%) but DB thought that was too close.

So we’re discussing.  In the meantime, we are supposed to go to an FBI meet-and-greet tonight (or whatever.  I do not know what we’d call this) and DB has threatened me with death if I get on a soap box.  Which is, apparently, impossible for me.  Remember the maddening email?  Well, someone else wrote back about how McCain is a god and Obama is Satan (paraphrasing here), and I just…couldn’t…stop myself.  I wrote back to emphasize the huge stakes of this election:  the delicate, scary balance in the Supreme Court, which of late routinely flaunts stare decisis and threatens to roll back 50 years of social policy progress in this country.

I have received one response so far, which was positive (phew).

Funny thing, though:  I believe the old AG may have actually been copied on the original email and my subsequent response (somehow, this email list was for my parents neighborhood – don’t ask how or why I got on it).  Which would be… interesting.  I would be actually very intrigued to hear his opinion.  I mean, we hear about how tragic it would be for Dems to control both branches of government – we don’t hear so much about the absolute devastation it would be for judicial activist conservatives to control the court for the next 30 years.