Watch the “Fair and Balanced” station.

They have given up any pretense of being “fair” or “balanced”, unless “balanced” = “prostrate at John McCain and Sarah Palin”.

There is a box in the middle of the screen that says, “HOW WE GOT HERE” (aka, “How we got to the point where the entire nation is turning out in droves to elect someone we don’t like”), where they detail every possible negative event in Obama’s campaign.  Talk about unifying the country, eh?

Although I will give them this – did you know that Walter Mondale only got THIRTEEN ELECTORAL VOTES in 1984? HOLY CRAP! What did he DO? Or what DIDN’T he do? That I learned from the rapidly-scrolling maps of the United States at the bottom of the screen. (I found out: He pledged to raise taxes. That was stupid.)

I am sitting here, giggling. Oh, so happy that we have this option in the event that the CNN chit-chat proves to be too…factual.

I suppose this would be the appropriate time to discuss my annoyance at the phrase “liberal media”, but I really actually have to write a paper for the next few hours. That will have to wait.

In the meantime: watch Fox News until Jon Stewart and Colbert take over tonight! 🙂